How to describe yourself on a datingsite

When making a profile on a dating site it is very important to be honest in many things. Of course, everybody wants to impress and be interesting but putting incorrect information may be a problem. You can always mention good things about you like your profession, talents, skills, hobbies and interests. You can also add your personality so you can find a better match. Country of origin and the city where you live is important too so you will not be mistaken for a fraudster.

There are things that you may keep confidential like the name of your family members, company you are working for, complete and exact address, etc. These details are not necessary and may only cause harm to you, your profession and your entire family.

Be specific about your purpose why you are looking for a date, whether you are looking for a new friend, serious relationship or short-term relationship. It is also important to be clear with your gender, sexual preference and your age although there are cases of fraud victimizing older people.

You can state the types of personality that you want in a partner or friend also the specific likes, hobbies and pastime so that you will not waste time on boring people or you might not just click for some differences. how to describe on a datingsite

Choose a good photo and a unique screen name. Your photo must be attractive but never use a fake picture from the internet or photos of celebrities just to be interesting. Your screen name must not be common and choose something catchy and meaningful. You may include the things that interest you or the stuff that you love the most in your screen name. For example, if you are a musician you can use related terms such as G-clef, Strings or Reggae to make them easily know what you are into.