How do you flirt

There are so many ways to flirt with your crush or the person you like whether through text messages, online chat, phone call or in person. If you feel like you need to begin flirting with the person you admire thru any of the following mentioned above except in person, you may start a simple conversation.

Ask the person about his or her day then ask follow up questions related to hobbies, interests, talents, plans for the weekend, etc. Do not forget to ask basic questions only and refrain from getting too personal and serious topics like about relationships, feeling or issues.

To keep the conversation going, just keep on asking and let the person talk about him or herself. This is an advantage for you since you will get to know your crush more and at the same time have more time flirting. In order to make the person you admire realize that you are interested to him or her, you can simply praise or give compliments that are not too straightforward or cheesy. You can mention that he or she looks cute in his or her outfit. how do you flirt

Flirting in person is another thing. Body language and gestures will help you flirt more. You can start looking or glancing at your crush but do not stare because you might scare the person away and think you are weird.

Act that you are a little shy and try to smile a little when you greet him or her. There’s nothing wrong in saying hi or waving hello to your crush if you already know each other like you are classmates or neighbors and see each other often.

Flirting with a stranger must be done with carefully so you will not be judged as a rough or rude person. Smile a little and you can start having a little conversation about the food or coffee if you have met in a convenience store or coffee shop. If the person seems interested then maybe you can hang out for a while.