Do’s and Don’ts of women on a date

Women should not be so talkative. It is okay to be conversational on a date but do not overdo it, your companion might think you are a nagger and self-centered. Enjoy a continuous talk without being irritating. Know when to stop and when enough is enough. Do not share all your stories in one evening or on the first daytime meeting.

Do not talk about serious and long term relationships especially on the first date. Your date might feel scared about commitment. Relax since you are both in a get-to-know-you stage. Do not rush things, remain cool and relaxed.

Do not show too much skin on your date. Choose an appropriate outfit to impress your date. Look amazing and decent because guys consider classy and smart-looking women seriously rather than those who are aggressive and open to short term relationships.

Do not take any alcoholic drink even if your date insists. Do not give him a hint that you are ready for romance and an easy woman. Getting drunk may make you look crazy and embarrassing because you can be completely uncontrollable. Just spend the day or night doing wholesome things. not to do women on a date

Do not be difficult on your date. Some women like playing hard to get but sometimes they cannot even control themselves and become totally annoying. Try to meet his choices and ideas instead of pushing your date to do anything you want just to see your worth.

Do not ask your companion about the next date. You should not plan about that. Just thank him and mention that you have enjoyed the lunch or dinner date then let him ask you for another one. Do not pressure him and stop being clingy. Men like exciting, challenging and somehow independent ladies. Do not make him assume that you are a demanding person.