Do’s and Don’ts of men on a date

Men should remember a few things to avoid while on a date in order to have a successful and well-spent day or night with the ladies that they like. These are simple and basic rules that every man should know:

Never be late. Do not let any woman wait for you. Whether you are going to pick her up or meet anywhere else, please be early and do not make any excuses if you really cannot make it on time. Keeping women waiting makes them feel unworthy.

Even if we are living in a new age, good manners should not be forgotten. Remind yourself to be a gentleman; pull out a chair for her, ask her to choose what to eat, open the door for her, insist to pay the bill, etc.

Do not use your smartphone or tablet in front of your date even if it is something important. Excuse yourself and try to make the most out of the evening. Focus on your partner or companion, maintain an eye contact and do not let her feel you are bored and uninterested. not to do women on a date

Do not be overdressed. Choose something appropriate for the venue and occasion. You might steal the scene and make your partner look improper. Be neat and look prepared for the date because dress to impress does not mean to exaggerate.

Do not talk about yourself often. Unless your date is asking about you, then give a simple and precise answer. If you want to prolong the conversation, ask your partner with the same question and let her tell the story.

Do not brag about your status in life. You can share some important events in your life but never sound arrogant and conceited. Instead, talk about interesting yet not personal topics that both of you are interested about.