Dating Tips for Men

Always be a gentleman. Never forget good manners even if it is not the first date. Keep in mind that you have to open the door for your date, pull out a chair for her and let her sit first, offer the menu and look at her straight in the eyes during conversation.

Be prepared and dress properly. They say dressing up is a form of good manners so always wear your best outfit. Make sure you are wearing decent attire, get a haircut or fix your hair and wear clean shoes just like how you would look like when attending a special meeting. If you’re not sure about your appearance ask a friend for a second opinion.

Men should always offer to pay the bill even if women insist to. If you are dating for a long time, then it is okay to at least share or split the bill. Although some people say it is alright to let women pay the bill nowadays, that would only make women think that some men are rude and insensitive. dating tips men

Be confident not conceited. Let your date feel comfortable with you and start a simple conversation. Ask her about her interests and try to break the ice by simply asking questions related to the topic. It would be nice if you share opinion but do not overdo it. Do not talk about yourself most of the time.

Try to be sensitive and do not ask or talk about personal things and beliefs unless she started the conversation. Do not give an opinion if she is not asking for it. Just listen attentively and react a little to make her feel you are interested. If you do not like to talk about a particular issue, think of another topic which you can relate to the current discussion and start another conversation without being obvious that you are evading